Torpedo 20 Nemzetközi Floorball Kupa

2021 10 09
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For EN:

20 Years ago our beloved floorball team have created by our mentors and therefore we are organizing a tournament in Budapest Hungary on October 31.

This tournament will be International, since there will be a Czech and Romanian team as well, and we would be happy If we would have you guys with us on that Birthday tournament.
The main rules are the following:
- Registration fee is 30.000 huf (which is around 84-85 eur)
- The tournament will take place in Budapest 13. district at Rozsnyay street 4.
- You can register maximum 15 players
- The matches will be 2x10 minutes with breaks
- Each team will play at least 5 matches, and there will be a consolation tree as well.
- The local TV will come out and make some media for us.
- Foods and drinks will be easy to buy from the cafe which is inside the Sports hall
- The tournament will start at 10:00 and will end around 18:00-18:30

If you want to register or have any questions please write to